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Get the Sight Words IO app!

The Sight Words IO App

Now available on the App Store. It features training for your child by their grade level as well as quizzes to help challenge them in their progress in a clear and easy to follow manner.

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For Teachers

With the latest update of our app we have also included a Teacher Assigned section. Now teachers can assign their high frequency words training via our easy to use app. They can also monitor the progress the students are making and keep track of their testing.

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What Are Sight Words?

These are a set of words that account for up to 75% of the words used in literature that is geared towards children. Being able to recognize these words allows kids to focus on grasping the meanings of the phrases or sentences.

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Early Learning Quotes

Gain insight and inspiration on teaching kids to read and learn in general. Our early learning quotes are formatted so the quotes are easy to read and so they can be shared quickly and easily.

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Flash Cards

We have created sets of flash cards based on both the Dolch and Fry words. Choose the set that applies to the level of school your child is currently and conveniently print them on out in easy to cut sets.

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SightWords.io is a continually growing resource combining information, interactivity, and printables, for parents who are looking to enhance their child’s level literacy, in an easy to use site geared towards helping to teach kids how to read. While this is our primary focus we understand that these are only a part of whats needed to help develop your child’s literacy level. As we grow we continue to research new ways that we can contribute resources to be even more helpful to parents and teachers alike.

We have integrated sight words in two categories, Dolch and Fry. Within these we feature categorized lists, interactive flash cards with voice confirmation as well as ready to go printables for each category.

As we grow this resource we encourage you to contribute ideas and concepts that you feel would help compliment the site and most importantly the development of kids’ reading abilities. To share your ideas please reach out to us on FaceBook or our Contact Page.