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Sight Words App on iPhone and iPad

The Sight Words IO App

Born of the need for simplicity, functionality and beauty the Sight Words IO app has been created to offer kids an experience free from ads, confusion and distractions.

The app provides a clear direction for children, from Pre-k to grade 3, allowing them to focus on learning their level of sight words at their chosen pace.

After working with my son on his sight words using flash cards I quickly saw their limitations. Creating an app that he and I could use together and that he could also use independently anytime, anywhere made perfect sense.

Now, with our new Teacher Assigned Sight Words section we have significantly expaned the benefits of the app.
– Alec

The app features sight words from the widely used list identified by Edward William Dolch and presents them in an easily navigable, distraction free, effective display. To challenge kids to remember the words more effectively the app also features a quiz which tracks their performance and lets them know how they did once it is done.